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Photo Perfect Makeup Class

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions about the class

What does this "Natural, Striking yet Fresh Makeup Look" exactly mean?

What Exactly am I learning?

What will I need for class?

Should I buy products before class?

In class, we go over everything you need for PRO headshots & on-camera makeup.  We will make sure you have great products in your Kit at home-- so you can get ready FAST when you have a shoot, an audition, a call-back, a job, or a meeting, where you want to look your best & appear camera ready,


I suggest you don't buy anything new, until we do the class together, so you can see if there are any holes in your items for your perfect pro-photo, makeup look.  If you have skincare and makeup that you currently already love & use, I suggest you continue to use it, HOWEVER, I may THEN have you make a few tweaks-- adding or minusing certain products, for the  BEST PHOTO MAKEUP RESULT. 


If you want to purchase some of my suggested products ASAP,  you of course can go ahead and order them in advance. I DO SUGGEST TRYING OUT & TESTING TO SEE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU before the shoot day!   Alot of places are giving samples again, so that is always a great way to try! 

What if I like a bit more makeup look than what this seems to be?

How can I contact you?



    • My product recommendations are universally chosen with a few recommendation adjustments based on skin-tone, eyes, skin type & individual concerns.  


    Having over 22 years experience as a pro makeup artist, and also being an actor & a headshot photographer, I understand how hard it can be to get a killer headshot--with also the makeup done right at the same time! If you have ever had a great headshot expression and all--but then either not liked your makeup, didn't really have any on at all, or felt like you were too done up in it, it's a painful & frustrating thing! I hear you!!!


    So I developed this class to teach you to do your own great photo makeup.  Makeup that is gorgeous, yet striking, natural & fresh. Just because you want to look natural look does not mean you should wear no makeup, especially if you want to "look like you on your best day" as the saying goes in the industry about how you should look for your headshots. Makeup is necessary for great headshots.  


    I know that hiring an artist really makes photos more professional, but it can get expensive. PLUS, you don't always end up looking like yourself.  So I want to show you exactly what to do for striking, fresh, PRO PHOTO MAKEUP.


    I hope you learn to LOVE doing your makeup after taking my class. I want to make it fool-proof & easy for you, especially if you have had a hard time in the past with makeup or just confused by what sort of look you should do for headshot makeup.


    I pray you find major value in learning to do your own PRO makeup for the camera & that you feel amazingly beautiful & confident for all your endeavors!

    With love ​xoxo, Angie